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Let’s build your own brand right away

Since publishing the article on Medium, I have noticed an increase in the traffic of my blog and social media accounts. Not too much, but that’s really motivating and encouraging me! This got me thinking up till now and seeing

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What will the world be like when the earth heats up

The Earth’s temperature has warmed to about 0.9 degrees Celsius since 1880. This includes ocean surface temperatures. Warming is felt in the mainland, the Arctic and many areas in Antarctica. The figure of 0.9 degrees Celsius may sound low, but

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Who is the true owner of the Internet

In fact, the Internet is a fragile thing. Open, crazy, bizarre spaces where people exchange personal stories and secrets, create digital projects, and talk wildly and freely with them. who is seven time zones apart – rare. People built the

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Use responsible social networks

At the end of 2018, triggered by an accordion video demonstrating dissatisfaction with the tax policy posted on social networks, the protests called “The yellow shirt movement” caused a chronic crisis throughout. last time in France. The movement spread rapidly