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Ronaldo is the most searched on the Internet

Beat rivals like Lionel Messi or David Beckham, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, becoming the most searched person on the internet. According to recent Google statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo is the name most readers type on search sites like Google, Yahoo

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The fiction world on a day without internet

The fact is that the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in our life. The benefits that the Internet brings is hard to argue, but have you ever wondered if the world does not have the Internet one day? Let’s

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Are VPN Worthwhile?

While you may know what a VPN is, which stands for Virtua Private Network, there’s a good chance you have never used one in your life. Though, this simple addition is something you should consider adding onto your computer due

Internet and the Modern businesses
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Internet and the Modern businesses

In today’s business world, business owners must balance running a profitable business and keeping tab of the constantly changing world of technology. Any business owner who is not abreast of how developments in the internet technology sector can be used