In modern life, the Internet is gradually becoming an important and indispensable part. The advent of the Internet is a breakthrough in human life, helping people come closer together.

With important roles, the Internet is increasingly popular. However, many people often confuse what the Internet is with the Network. And what’s the difference with Network?

With the development of the Internet, the connection was not only made between computers and computers, but it was also extended to smart devices such as phones and smart watches. On the Internet, the transmission of information is done via the IP protocol – a standardized form. Currently, the Internet has become a global system, used around the world.

When using the Internet, you often see links starting with www. This stands for World wide web, also known as web. WWW is the most widely used component on the Internet. When accessing the website, you can consult information, view images or clips …

Internet and Network are two often confusing concepts. However, these are two completely different concepts. Put simply, a network is a computer network model consisting of basic components such as computers, routers, etc.

The network will be used to transfer information between computers within a certain range. In particular, the Network will be divided into LAN and WAN. Network and Internet are two completely different concepts with different characteristics. Therefore, you need to distinguish carefully to avoid confusion during use.

In addition, the Internet also helps you to search data and information quickly. With a huge amount of information, you can search for all information here. Watching movies, listening to music, reading news will become more convenient and easier.

Especially, through the Internet, you can use the email system to communicate, work and exchange information. The development of the Internet contributes a large part in the development of the economy. Transnational trade services are becoming more diverse and more popular thanks to the Internet.


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