It’s rather incredible that it only took a mere 18 years for a company like Google to create a market capitalisation of over $530 billion. It’s even more impressive when you recall how this search engine changed life for the better. Google started in Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s Stanford University dorm back in 1998 prior to the campus officials asking them to locate a real office after the IT department complained Brin and Page’s were using up all the bandwidth of the university.

18 years later, and Google is now considered an adult. Google is everywhere, and its presence can’t be denied. With over 40 global locations and more than 70 offices, the California-based company significantly grew in reputation and size within the last 18 years. From the world’s favourite browser to the most popular search engine, email client, map service, online video site, and mobile operating system, Google is certainly playing a key role in our daily lives. Let’s take a look at how Google influenced the way we work and live:

‘Search’ is ubiquitous

“Google It” is an extremely popular term used when we need information. The search engine is the single most-visited online destination on the internet. The search engine indexes most of the online information around the world, allowing the public to browse through desired knowledge with a few simple keystrokes. Google has certainly changed how we browse, the way we think, and how we connect to the world.

Gmail – Communication fast and easy

The invention of Gmail began when storage space was limited. People had to delete emails to make space. In 2004, it started as a simple invitation-only release and only became available to the general public in 2007. Since 2009, the service received an upgrade from beta status as well as the rest of the suite of Google Apps, with better innovation efforts each year.

YouTube – Improving the way we view videos

Although YouTube wasn’t created by Google, it bought YouTube within 18 months after its debut in 2005. YouTube has now been localised in more than 50 countries and over 100 hours of video material is uploaded every minute.

Google Docs – Powering collaboration for businesses

People collaborate on slideshows, spreadsheets, and text documents when using Google Docs wherever they might be. It’s regarded as a malleable tool that is used in newsrooms, classrooms, and assisted people to find accommodation after the bombings during the Boston Marathon.

Google Person Finder

Just like Google Docs is essential in emergencies, the Person Finder from Google is even more effective when looking for a missing person in a disaster. Google initially launched the tool in 2010 after the Haiti earthquake and continues to be a powerful tool during times of need.

Google Maps

Most people are unable to find their way around without Google Maps. With local public transport and traffic data, it’s an absolute necessity. What’s even more impressive is the Street View tool, capturing real-life locations with car-mounted cameras.


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