Currently, private domain email is a service that many companies choose because of flexibility, security as well as contributing a part in building marketing. To make a website, the domain is one of the indispensable components in your preparation. So what is domain? How important is it to your website? and should choose a domain like? This article will partly answer you questions about domain names.

A beautiful domain name will make it easier for customers to remember and increase the rate of access to the website. In addition, domain-based emails are used with new technologies, making the percentage of emails sent straight to the inbox very high up to 99%.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho website

However, if you use your domain name for Spam Email job then it will be a terrible thing for your company. Once your domain name gets services such as spamhaus, google, yahoo, hotmail … put into blacklist along with the email according to the domain name used in your work will also be classified as spam, and that will greatly reduce the reputation of your company’s work.

In addition, if your domain name is blacklisted, your website will be affected more or less like SEO rankings on google will be reduced, ad service providers will block you from advertising. on their system …

The only way you don’t get blacklisted by service providers is to use Email Marketing for the right purpose and have to be agreed to receive your email by the email recipient.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho website

Create email collection funnels, use marketing campaigns to let your customers enter your email and confirm your email acceptance. From there you can send your Email Marketing campaigns to customers who have signed up to receive your email that you are not afraid of being blacklisted.

Special note, do not use email under advertising spam mail domain because it will be penalized by google and its customers also do not like it. Please send an email in the name, the snow does not send simultaneously.


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