The gambling industry has enjoyed a long and fruitful road since it’s inception several decades ago. It’s a phenomenal industry that constantly moves with the times as it incorporates the latest technology to offer customers the best possible gambling experience. The secret behind the success of gambling is due to its forward-thinking approach as it continues to strive for excellence every day while billions are exchanging hands around the world each year. So what kind of impact has technology had on the gambling industry?

The inception of the Internet

The first real technological advancement that managed to transform the industry quite significantly was the internet. The introduction of the internet offered players the opportunity to place an assortment of bets in the convenience of their own homes. There was no longer a need to travel to your nearest land-based casino or betting shop once the internet made its introduction. Since 2003, its estimated that the online gambling market sees a 24% annual growth rate each year with online gambling websites receiving more than 14 million customers every day. That’s a clear indication of how the internet has changed the gambling industry in recent years.

Technology Takes Over

After the inception of the internet that assisted the gambling industry to grow exponentially, it was technology in the form of hardware that helped the gambling industry to expand even further. The rise of tablets and smartphones quickly became popular around the world. Today, people are spending most of their time on these devices thanks to their amazing capabilities, and due to their convenience, it allows people to do anything they could possibly imagine and that includes placing a few bets at various online websites.

Most of the leading and popular online casinos featured at Casino Billions come equipped with dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices which allow players to instantly place a bet on their favourite slot game or table game while on the move. The dedicated mobile casino apps can essentially provide the same betting experience as that of the desktop version too. This has created a brand-new era in the world of gambling where betting on the move is now considered king, and it will continue to be like this for the foreseeable future.

Live Casino and In-Play Betting

Another incredible technological advancement in the world of gambling was the introduction of live dealer games and in-play betting that is currently available at most online sports betting sites. Most online casinos now feature a Live Casino section which allows players to play against real live dealers from a land-based casino. The live dealer and table game are streamed live, allowing players to bet from home without having to worry about an RNG calculating the results. When it comes to sports betting, bettors can stream the game or match live from the site while a host of betting types and markets are available at their fingertips.


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