How the Internet transformed our World for good

How the Internet transformed our World for good

The internet have changed the way we live, learn, communicate, and do business. Most people cannot go a day without the internet.

Before the advent of the internet, many of us had no other means of communication except through letters, telegrams and the desk phone. Nothing like Wikipedia, online games, emails, YouTube videos, social media platforms with liking and sharing and online courses. We only had and were used to face to face socialization, books and textbooks for learning and playing videos through our VHS players. The internet came and changed all that. It has become a worldwide broadcast platform that have affected and changed people’s lives for better or, in some cases, worse.

One of the areas that got transformed by the power of the internet is the way, the speed and the time we spent communicating and interacting with each other. According to reports, an incredible 72 percent of internet users are registered and maintain a profile page on at least one social media network platforms. A recent report by Facebook shows that social networks account for up to 20 percent of the time spent online. The report went on to say than women spend 30 percent more time on social network platforms than men. More importantly, we were able to share everything with friends, family and other people around the world without any geographic barrier and in matter of seconds.

According to statistics from the, approximately 3 billion people uses the internet while about 4 billion people are yet to get connected to the internet. Almost half the present users of the internet lives in Asia, 44.8 percent according to the data released in 2012. The North America region of the world has the highest internet penetration while the African continent is with the least penetration. However, with the increase in smartphones usage, the internet is being made available to more people which was not the case some years back. These people will experience the powerful effects of the internet in their daily lives and its transformation.

To buttress the power of the smartphone to reach millions of people and hook them up to the internet at an alarming rate, the reports than one thirds of all websites visited in the United Kingdom come from a mobile or tablet devices. In simple terms, it means the development and deployment of mobile apps are increasing astronomically and have become a big business globally. More and more people around the world are using mobile apps to get things done fast, efficiently and on the move. From uploading and sharing of photos, to finding a job or soulmate, there is virtually nothing you cannot do with the internet. It is amazing how the internet have become one thing we all cannot live without.


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