Nowadays, social networking sites have been rapidly expanding in the public of interaction. These actions can be shared on the Internet without joining any social networks.

Let’s imagine a social network as a big party. There are many attendees that you know and a lot of people who don’t know anything about them. Imagine walking around in this party with all your personal information. An up-to-the-minute status line about what you’re thinking of sticking behind your back so people can see it even if you don’t notice. Do you really want everyone to know everything about you?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho CÁC MẠNG XÃ HỘI

When you join a social network, you are leaving the freedom of the Internet and entering the connected network governed. You controlled by the organization that owns the network. In fact, you are trusting all your personal data to a social network provider.

Social networking sites often ask you to enter more information about yourself to make it easier for other members to find and connect with you. Perhaps the biggest risk this users have is the potential for identity theft, which is quite common.

Moreover, the more your personal information is posted online, the easier it will be for authorities to identify and track your activities. The online activities of many human rights activists in several countries have caused family members to be monitored by local authorities.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho CÁC MẠNG XÃ HỘI

The first thing you do after declaring personal information with any social networking app is to establish a connection with others. Let’s say these contacts are people you know and trust. But you may also connect with an online community of like-minded people you’ve never met. The most important thing to understand is what information you want to share with this community.

The default setting for the status updates of most social networking applications is visible to anyone on the Internet. If you only want contact partners to see these updates, you need to ask the social networking application to hide update notifications from other people.


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