If someone is asked about the role of the Internet, no one praises and calls for enabling it to continue to grow. The Internet has made the world better in terms of level of development especially intellectual level. So, almost no country in the world does not accept the internet.

Even someone claim that their lives will be meaningless without the Internet. We can see that the Internet has dominated almost every field such as doctors, engineers, teachers and office workers. The Internet really supports the work of the majority of individuals.

Today, the Internet has become a means of communicating, exchanging information, collaborating, … between individuals, organizations and other nations across the planet. It makes things to happen fast and extremely useful. It is also the place to share information, pictures, news with speed in the seconds.

Not only that, people can also find to the Internet to listen to music, movies, comedy, .. or meet their celebrities that they love. Therefore, the Internet helps people all over the world to be closer together, which helps to promote community strength. Among them are the strength of young people. They contribute to the building and development a lot of the knowledge economy.

In business, information online will generate the most profit for the business. Because of it’s providing enterprise information to customers or partners quickly. Opportunity to link and cooperate in online business is very large, internationally. A business website that you can use anywhere in the world to expand your business.

Through the information on the website, enterprises can also consult and sell online through the network. Thanks to the internet, commercial operations are made faster, more efficient. They helps people to be can save costs and expand their business space.

The internet also contains a huge knowledge base. You can search almost every information in all national and international fields, news and old news. When you want to find a field or a problem, you should enter a keyword and press ”Enter”. you will be had many sites that provide information related to the problem you want to know.


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