The internet is changing and growing day by day, and internet marketing is also increasingly proving its effectiveness. But to make an internet marketing campaign not easy, many people will ask where to start and how to start.

Implementing a marketing campaign, in fact, it is as well as we do a traditional marketing campaign. There is a difference in the implementation environment is the internet, which leads to a number of changes such as market research, promotion, choose marketing channel … After identifying the internet marketing channels to be implemented, we will proceed to allocate the budget to the channels so that it is reasonable and attentive with appropriate business goals.

In the process of implementing the internet marketing plan, I realized that there are a lot of changes from circumstances, environment, technology updates … so it is very important to control the situation when implementing online marketing. Managers must be aware of the situation that is closely aligned with the impact factors to adjust accordingly.

I also read a lot of internet marketing materials, I also saw a lot of different internet marketing plan models but the above internet marketing tree diagram still makes me feel the most reasonable and go to study this tree. 1 tree should never have good roots then the stem and branches will grow well, so will this model. To start we have to go from the roots up. I really like this root system, not too tangled but very complete and reasonable, if the entire lower part of this tree is good enough, we will have a clear orientation for the whole plan.

The website part is also very important, because the website is the host channel, direct contact with customers so the person responsible for the content, ideas and website development. It is not a programmer but exactly that responsibility must belong to the marketer, the online marketer must understand the website he will contact with customers through which channel, based on customer behavior to display content fit


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