BitDefender is impressive internet security no matter how you look at it, where it is from the point of independent tests for its features and tools that separates it from its competitors or even its compatible price, it remains one of the best when it comes to online security in 2018.

Produced by Softwin, Bitdefender is one of the most trusted internet security systems available since 2001 and during twelve editions it has made some incredible changes which included its focus on security, a new logo, added security tools, a great interface and hassle-free offers.

BitDefender Setup

BitDefender offers easy installation that takes about 3 minutes whether you are a computer fundi or new user. It is important to know that BitDefender is not keen on other security software, so it is best to uninstall any other security programs.

BitDefender Internet Security Protection

BitDefender protection includes a firewall, anti-virus, and parental controls. The anti-virus part of BitDefender is a very useful vulnerability scanner that identifies Windows application patches and identifies any potential problems. The firewall consistently monitors all outgoing as well as incoming data. Its list of acceptable programs includes FireFox and Mozilla. The parental controls are both comprehensive and streamlined to allow parents to filter emails, chat ID’s, and content to ensure children enjoy safe web surfing. Parents can set up controls and rules for each child and adjust the level of control according to ages, this restricts access during specified hours or completely restrict access to specified sites or programs.

BitDefender Effectiveness

Again, when it comes to independent tests, BitDefender caught 98.9% of all malware and received a VB100% rating from Virus Bulletin, which is the highest for any anti-virus software. Its internet security software caught 99% of trojans, viruses, other malware and spyware while the software performed excellently in detecting threats such as infected installer files and rootkits. BitDefender also prevented replication during testing without generating any false positives.

BitDefender Performance and Features

BitDefender qualifies in the mid-range when it comes to scanning speeds, despite the speed it performs great and is well ahead of its rivals in anti-virus software. BitDefender Internet Security offers a variety of useful features including gamer mode, laptop mode and data encryption. A file vault offers users the option to create encrypted vaults protected via passwords allowing the storage of sensitive documents.

Excellent Pros

• Lab Tests proof BitDefender to offer Top Levels of Threat Detection
• Brilliant anti-phishing Protection
• Silent Security offered in Auto-pilot mode
• Social Networking and Parental Control protection
• Monitoring and Protection against Identity Theft


• Not keen on running together with other security programs

BitDefender offers 24/7 assistance via phone, email or live chat while several tutorials ensure easy downloading and installation. BitDefender is well worthy of its award and ideal for anyone who wants a security system that can be installed and left to protect all data.


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