Wifi marketing – With the booming technology and especially the Internet. More and more businesses and companies are using the Internet as the main tool for advertising. It helps bring the brand closer to the user.

Especially when they combine with major social networks such as Facebook, instagram … Today Internet marketing has become an inevitable global trend.

One of the forms of marketing is growing fast and widely in recent years. That is Social Wifi or Wifi Marketing. It is considered to bring high advertising. With outstanding features, users have instant access to messages from businesses. When they have just accessed a free wifi network.

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When we use and connect to free WiFi network, on the screen of the interface will appear advertising interface for products of businesses. From there, help products as well as brands connect to users faster.

You can simply understand Wifi Marketing is, when accessing a free WiFi network. At a store or a place or business organization. Then on the screen of the access device, an advertising interface will appear in many forms to promote products and brands. As well as providing information about that business … Usually ads are placed on a website.

To use WiFi, users must interact with the ads that appear. Depending on the type of ad, the interaction will vary. It is possible to click on certain links, watch the clips, perform social interaction …

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Wifi Marketing is considered a form of bringing product information to users the fastest. When customers can know about the product immediately when accessing to free WiFi.

Wifi Marketing devices can easily customize the bandwidth limit as well as the amount of time of each user. When the usage period expires, users can continue to interact with the advertising interface and reuse WiFi.

Through the process of promoting businesses will collect customer information. From there, they can research in depth and take detailed actions to reach their target audience. As well as implementing customer care and post-sales marketing.

Also using Wifi Marketing will help you attract customers. For example, in a certain location, you cannot hang advertising banners for products. Advertising through Wifi Marketing will help your customers to use free WiFi, which you can recommend products.


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