The main purpose of the CDN edge server is the same as the CDN in general, ie, storing the content in the closest possible location to the client that is requesting the request machine, thereby reducing latency and increasing. page loading speed.

Edge server is a type of “edge” device used to provide an entry point for a specific network system. Other popular “edge” devices can be referred to as routers and switches. These edge devices are often placed inside Internet exchange points to allow different networks to connect and share.

In any particular network layout, several different devices will reconnect via one or more predefined network models.

If a network wants to connect to another network or a larger Internet, it must have some kind of bridge to transmit traffic from one location to another. Hardware devices that create this bridge on the edge of a network are called edge devices.

In a typical home or office network with multiple connected devices, devices such as mobile phones or computers connect and disconnect from the network via a hub-and-spoke model.

In order to connect the second network to the first network, at some point there will be a connection between these two networks. Devices through which networks can be used to connect to each other are called “edge” devices.

Now, if an internal computer in Network A needs to connect to a computer inside Network B, the connection must be transmitted from network A through the network edge and from there to the second network.

This model also works similarly in more complex contexts, such as when connections are made on the Internet. The ability to share data of networks, therefore, can also be congested depending on the capabilities of the edge devices they use to connect.

To seamlessly connect via the Internet, networks will come in contact with each other and the flow of data from there will move through many nodes next to the network.

In general, the farther the connection is, the greater the number of networks to overcome. A connection can go through many different Internet service providers and through the Internet’s core hardware infrastructure before reaching its goal.


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