The advent and stormy development of the Internet leads to a global explosion of information. It gives people plenty of utilities, high-value applications, frees human labor in many areas. However, inadequacies from the Internet are also not few.

Internet is a global information network. However, sometimes the reliability of the information posted on the network is not high and not guaranteed because it is difficult to control the source. Information on the internet is like a stream of water collected from streams, so it mixes both sediment and rubbish, and its filter is the user.

Therefore, to use the Internet effectively requires users to have the necessary skills in sorting and filtering information, otherwise it is just holding a large amount of mixed and multi-dimensional information.

It is also one of the causes of some recent serious incidents such as killing you savagely in game online, “crushing” the game so that you forget to eat, forget sleep, leading to depression and nervous disorders. Prior to personality corruption, moral erosion was growing rapidly among young people, many countries voiced their vigilance and even opened a hospital specializing in drug addiction like China. Thus, the reverse side of game online in particular and the Internet in general is undeniable.

Internet users spend a lot of time and money on Internet users. In addition to the cost of investing to buy computers and networked devices, users have to pay a significant amount to pay the monthly usage fee. Besides, electronic network is also not absolutely safe, in addition to viruses, there are also spam, mail bombs, personal information leakage, or unexpected accidents such as network failure, hacker sabotage … causing much trouble. For hackers, the Internet is considered a fertile land for them to earn money, serving their personal interests.

They impersonate others with stolen insurance card numbers on the internet and identity cards, fake birth certificates to buy high-value goods, and steal personal property over the internet. The same hackers can steal national secrets, paralyze operating systems and lose data of agencies and organizations. Therefore, the issue of cyber security is always pressing for all countries, every political, economic, cultural and social organization.


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