The effects of internet on the online gaming industry

The effects of internet on the online gaming industry

With the advances in technology, the internet has tremendously changed the way we communicate and spend our free time. Many people will find it impossible to go some few hours a day without the use of mobile phone or being online.

The gaming industry is not spared in this sweeping transformation as a result of the impact of the internet. It has become a multi-billion dollar business with ever increasing usage and patronage and consequently increasing revenue. Companies such as those manufacturing consoles, producing gaming software, and those providing online gaming platforms are the biggest beneficiaries of this transformation.

The growth in the usage of the internet globally and the social media platforms have been attributed to the rapid growth experienced in the online gaming industry. The increasing numbers of internet users coupled with every day increase in the number of those opening accounts on various social media sites is seen as a major market driver. More people are now using the internet, which makes the numbers of those looking for entertainment on the internet increases as well.

The internet have revolutionized the online gaming industry through the social media. It is now a common sight for internet users to log on to their social media platform such as Facebook and engage each other in gaming. This is different from what was obtainable in the past, where gamers spend countless of hours glued to their screens in an isolated room. This has changed the perception about gaming as it has been elevated to a cool activity practiced by a cross section of the society as evident by the increasing numbers of mainstream media organizing tournaments where gamers can compete to show their skills and win a prize in doing so. A typical example is the League of Legends tournament organized and aired on the BBC with a prize money of more than 2 million dollars for the winner.

Another way through which the internet has changed the face of online gaming is through the development of mobile applications. Mobile application is the future of gaming as more young people are having access to mobile phones, parents are allowing their children to play more games with them without much ado, making it to become more acceptable and a normal norm in the society. In recent times, parents have also indulged themselves in playing games, most times on their mobile phone. This have increases the popularity of gaming as it is evident with Candy Crush revenue hitting more than 800 million pounds in 2014 alone.


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