The fact is that the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in our life. The benefits that the Internet brings is hard to argue, but have you ever wondered if the world does not have the Internet one day? Let’s find out how our life will change if one day there is no Internet.

Did you know that about 294 billion emails are sent daily, which equates to 2.8 million emails sent per second and as well as 90 trillion emails sent every year. Instead of spending 10 seconds, it may take you months to send the message.

So imagine if one day there is no Internet, instead of clicking on an email in a second, you will have to post a letter to hand and wait a few days. Sometimes a few weeks later the letter was delivered to the recipient. In only US, the cost of using mail instead of email will be about $ 6.3 trillion (about 131 million billion). This is a huge number in a year.

Economic catastrophe will happen immediately if one day the world does not have internet. A lot of businesses, many companies, banks in the world are dependent on the Internet … All will mess up if the internet is lost. No international banking transactions will be carried out, all of which must be handled through post and telecommunication services at the local post office.

Only The Facebook alone has created 450,000 jobs in the United States, Google also “employ” up to 20,000 people per year. Having no Internet, Google, Facebook … means thousands of companies cut staff, even as billions of people lose their jobs.

The Internet is considered as a huge information board. If you do not have the Internet, you will not be able to access or find information online. Instead of sitting at home click websites, you will have to go to the library, bookstore find all the related books to retrieve the information to search.


account_box Gavin Miles