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Sport, from pro down to College level, is so popular in the US. Therefore, there is no shortage of choice in terms of choosing your sport content provider.

Whether it is sports websites created by huge corporations such as CBS, or smaller blogs, you can find a variety of content for the sport of your choice. American Football, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, or Basketball, there is always something for everyone online and in this article we picked out the most favorite sports website for US sports fans.

Yahoo Sports

What it’s good for: The best coverage of big sporting competitions.

Yahoo’s search engine days might be all but behind them, but their position as a provider of great sports content goes on to strengthen.

Covering a huge range of sports, the site offers a good combination of the headlines, usual breaking news, previews and featured articles, as well as the latest scores and results from your favorite sports.

Yahoo is also a great location for everyone’s fantasy leagues, favorite procrastination tool. Featuring everything from football and baseball to golf and hockey, Yahoo is a great option for setting up your fantasy league.

Finally, Yahoo also allows you to setup personalized notifications to keep you up to date with the teams and events you care about the most.


What it’s good for: Audio and video coverage of major sports.

Broadcast giant ESPN also offers a solid online source for fans of the most popular sports. With extensive coverage of the NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS, differs from Yahoo in its more team centric outlook. Choose your competition and you can easily access sections of the site dedicate to your favorite team.

Its homepage also features a couple of constantly updating feeds. Across the top, you will find a rundown of the latest results from the US’ biggest sporting events, while down the right you will find a constantly updating source of social updates from the multi-sport channels of ESPN.


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