Only focusing on football, ESPN FC is different from the general ESPN website. Its homepage features the latest headlines with the middle column used for most recent highlights and top stories.

ESPN FC covers all of the top leagues with the EPL getting the most attention, followed by the Champions League and other big European leagues. It also provides a good combination of statistics, breaking news, and opinion pieces, with some of the world’s top football journalists having their work featured in the blog section.

CBS Sports

In terms of what it provides online, CBS has some similarities with ESPN. It covers a variety of major US sports and you can find high quality articles and videos.

The might of this network is on display in their website. If you’re a subscriber to their TV offering, TV and radio coverage are in abundance. If you aren’t, there are a lot of free podcasts and other weekly sports shows.

When comparing CBS and ESPN, the former makes strides for those who want access to quality coverage of college sports.

Bleacher Report

What makes Bleacher Report differs and stands out from the above sports websites is its team-orientated outlook. Known as the Team Stream, Bleacher Report provides you with much more control over what content you see. What you need to do is to create a login and choose your favorite teams in order to form a stream of content only including the sports, teams, and competitions that you are interested in.

Although the NFL, NBA, and MLB feature prominently, Bleacher Report is still  a great website for sports news. Thanks to its mass of online contributors, it has a significant body of content featuring everything from in depth analysis to off-beat funnies of less popular sports like Lacrosse, cricket and e-sports.


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