The Internet began to emerge from the 1960s. However, at that time it was only used internally and served primarily for the military. The November 19, 1997 was the first day Vietnam officially joined in the global internet.

After 15 years of operation, the Internet has become a term almost everyone knows. It is a means of communication that everyone is using, even with some parts that are completely dependent. The influence of the internet spread strongly when it began to promote its entertainment.

Young people and their infatuation in the online gaming world have become one of the top concerns of today’s society and no one can predict the great implications of online games for young people will grow. So when If we do not take timely measures?

The Internet is dominating young people at a speed like sweeping storms, online games quickly find loyal and passionate followers. With the rapid development of the Internet today, it is a good sign of the development of information technology in a modern society. But behind it are the implications from the Internet that bring people, especially young people.

The game has the biggest attraction is for minors, if playing too much games also greatly affect the psychological development of children. These problems have a great influence on the development of young people today. It makes to form many bad habits in society for the evils of society, even criminals.

It is clear that the Internet is corrupting morality, turning moral morality in a part of youth people nowadays. But with online games, it is also common for children to be curious to access sites with unhealthy content to view pornographic images, sex film…

All of those show that the Internet usage of a part of young people is now deflecting. The Internet should be that having brought better learning opportunities by modern information technology and constantly providing people with the latest knowledge. That depends on how people use it


account_box Gavin Miles