Here is a list of top ten Internet safety rules to follow so that you can avoid getting into trouble both online and offline.

1. Keep Personal Information Limited

Potential customers or employers don’t need to know your personal information such as your relationship status or your home address. They need to know about your professional background and your contact information, which shows them the way how to contact you. You shouldn’t hand purely your personal information out to strangers individually and don’t hand it out to so many people online.

2. Keep Your Privacy Settings On

Marketers like to know all about you, and hackers do, too. Both can discover much from your browsing as well as social media usage. However, you can take charge of your personal information. Both mobile operating systems and web browsers have settings that are available to protect your privacy. Major websites such as Facebook also have privacy-enhancing settings. Sometimes they are hard to find since companies need your personal information for its marketing plan. Ensure that you have enabled these privacy safeguards as well as keep them enabled.

3. Practice Safe Browsing

Don’t choose to visit dangerous neighborhoods online. Internet criminals know that people are occasionally tempted by dubious content and might let their security down when they are searching for it. The Internet’s demimonde is also full of pitfalls, which means just one careless click can leak personal data or infect your device with a virus. Resisting the urge can help you not give the hackers a chance.

4. Ensure Your Internet Connection is Secure

When you go online in a public place such as using a public Wi-Fi connection, PCMag notes that you have no direct control over its security. Cyber-security experts usually warn about endpoints, where a private network connects to the outside world. Your endpoint is your local Internet connection. Ensure your device is secure, and if you are in doubt, wait for a better time before providing information like your bank account number.


account_box Gavin Miles