Search engines have become a staple in today’s internet usage. They are the prime reason why we can find the countless amount of web pages and information that will lead us to the solution to whatever inquiry we were searching for. However, at some points, not many know what a search engine truly is other than a way to find a solution to a problem. To put it simply, a search engine acts as a filter to anything we may search up. Instead of getting every webpage made, we will get a filtered list that contains the keywords in our searches.

While the work may seem minor, search engines filter over 8 billion worth of web pages each time you ask a question. Additionally, the search engine main goal is to provide results with the most relevant information that can be gathered. Now in 2018, there are dozens upon dozens of search engines that you can choose to use. Each one has its own perks and uniqueness which can easily fit what an individual is looking for. Listed below are some of the most popular ones this year.


There is no need to try to explain Google as it has been the leading search engine for the last decade. Out of all the search engines available, Google uses bots and cookies to understand the user to an almost non-invasive personal level. Additionally, Google updates its searches annually to ensure the best results for its users. Along with this, Google does feature graphics from important people and dates in history – as well as having a heavy-duty child lock on the searches that aren’t easy to break.


While Bing is well-known and not as big as Google, it serves as one of the best search engines that are used worldwide. This Microsoft created search engine was made to challenge Google, as has grown in popularity over the last few years. Though, Bing foes do a few things better than Google – such as have accurate flight related prices being updated on an hourly basis, as well as having way better video results than Google. On the upside, child protection ranks high with using Bing as certain words can be blocked, and any images that contain the blocked word, or when the child lock feature is active, will blur any image or video that is considered 18+.


There was a time where Yahoo was one of the more popular search engines due to how people could customise their Yahoo page to their preference as well as create avatars to make checking your email and using the search engine more entertaining. While some of the features may have been changed, Yahoo is still a great search engine to use due to how specific you can make the searches. While with Google and Bing, it might take a few minutes to find you exact webpage you wanted, although, with Yahoo, you can easily type in the name of the page and find more direct results. Yahoo has always been an advocate for child safety while on the internet – which is why the child search lock on the search engine is precise and hard to get around.


account_box Gavin Miles