So far, Search Engine has been closely connected with our lives, making it easy for us to find the information we need. This article will introduce about Search Engine and how it works.

Put simply, Search Engine is a website where users type words or phrases to search into the search box to see the results.

The words or phrases that a user types are called keywords. The results displayed in relation to that keyword are arranged in a particular order, determined by the specialized algorithm of the type of Search Engine that the user is using.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Search Engine

Although different sorting algorithm, but most Search Engine has a similar operation method. The mechanism of a Search Engine consists of three steps: crawling, indexing and retrieval. As a result, all websites on the internet will be recorded in the Search Engine system.

The indexing process takes place immediately and parallel to the crawling step. When indexing, the Search Engine will rearrange the existing data into its storage hardware store. With Google Search, it’s a super memory of tens of thousands of hard drives with a total capacity of up to petabytes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Search Engine

Upon receiving a user’s search request, the Search Engine will retrieve information stored in the database, organize the results found and display a list of answers for us. Search engines rely on two criteria to evaluate the order of search results: relevance and popularity. Search results related to your request take precedence, then take into account the popularity of each result.

However, each different Search Engine has a different assessment of relevance and popularity. This is the difference in search algorithms of each search engine.

This retrieval process is also the main object that receives the intervention of SEO tips. Through SEO, we make the Search Engine algorithm appreciate a particular search result and change its rank in the list of final search results.


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