The Deep Web describes hidden parts of the internet that cannot be found using search engines like Google.

There is a huge amount of data on the Deep Web, including some perfect everyday content, such as the content of your own webmail inbox. Despite this, the Deep Web is the victim of many misconceptions and is often confused with the Dark Web and its related illegal activities.

What is the Deep Web?

Deep web, also known as submerged web, deep web – invisible web/hidden web, the search engine can not be found and indexed so the data in this is easily forgotten. It is understood as if you want to find games, a certain service, then you often go to to type and search for information to access the services you want. The Deep Web, which is the sunken parts that are not displayed on Google search, is meant to belong to the underworld that is never searched by regular browsers. Search engines work by tracking links. It finds pages by keeping track of which pages have been linked from another site and prioritizing the most frequently linked pages.

By crawling from page to page, a search engine can create an index of all pages that are linked together. But, if a page or information on that page has never been linked by another page, the search engine may find it. It is the Deep Web.

According to the latest statistics on the Deep Web, it accounts for 96% of the internet and contains up to 7500 Terabytes of data compared to 19 Terabytes of the Surface Web (the current floating network that people are using).

Why is there a Deep web?

The deep web comes from the phrase “Anonymous”. Anonymous is nobody knows anyone, you are not threatened by other people, you are not dependent on any object, everyone in the group is equal. That is why some non-small objects in society can operate freely, bypassing government control to carry out their acts.

What is the content on the Deep web?

The nature of the Deep web is the submerged web, less-known web. More significantly, content on the Deep web is often illegal (not all). They may include marketing stories, illegal content about politics, religion, hair-raising images, haunting images, customer data, user data, sensitive information of a floating person language or of a certain unit. In addition to the confidential information about the military, state organizations, Islamic organizations, mysteries about the universe, science is also stored in the Deep web.


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