You are extremely strict about the speed of Internet connection, you want to live in the country with the fastest Internet speed in the world? What are you waiting for, move to Singapore now!

According to a recent report by Compare the Market, a UK-based organization that compares prices based on prices, the island has surpassed Korea to capture the position.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tốc độ internet

The No 1 in the list of countries with the fastest Internet connection in the world. Specifically, the organization conducted Internet speed surveys and analyzes in more than 50 countries, and then ranked these countries based on a number of key factors such as: Cost, download and upload speeds, and the time to download a Netflix content about an hour long.

Singapore occupies the first place in average download and upload speeds, and of course it is also where you will spend the least time to successfully download a Netflix program with an exact time of 1 hour.

Singapore is the only Southeast Asian country to reach the top 5 countries with the fastest Internet connection. Following closely behind are still familiar names like Iceland, Korea, the United States and Sweden.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tốc độ internet

The truth is that this is not a shock, nor is it the first time this small island nation has been honored. Singapore is often hailed as a modern, integrated country, people have a high understanding of the internet, along with a very good Internet connection speed, constantly in the top of various lists and reports.

However, Internet costs also seem to be proportional to the speed in Singapore. The average cost of Internet use in this country falls to around 39.84 pounds, and ranks 25th in the world in the list of countries with the most expensive network usage costs. The cheapest Internet cost is in Israel with the average amount of money that people spend monthly to access the network at 10.29 pounds.


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