In fact, Italian designs from the past decades have always held the number one position in the world. The industrial art designs are Italian style or made from Italian hands, regardless of the period, they turn up the typical class.

Italy is a country with poor natural resources. In the past, for a country to have a place in Western society, that country had to be first in a certain field, and the Italians chose the field of artistic creation.

It is this choice that forces designers to work under conditions of limited creative material. So they always challenge themselves in constant research, creation and creation of works in beautiful form. The most, the most aesthetic!

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Besides, experts also said that Italians and their ancestors have always created art throughout the history of the nation. Even before Italy was formed, local nobles spent a lot of money on artworks, and lavish designs.

In the early 20th century, materials as well as manufacturing techniques were given special attention. Designers have put a lot of effort into devising methods of making crafts.

Vespa is an Italian motorcycle brand, manufactured by Piaggio. Right from the first versions, besides factors related to machines and engines. Vespa has been very famous for its coating technique, as well as its unique and luxurious design.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho VÌ SAO CÁC THIẾT KẾ Ý LUÔN LÀM KHUYNH ĐẢO NỀN MỸ THUẬT THẾ GIỚI Read more at: Copyright ©

These are just some good examples of classics in the treasure of Italian art heritage to prove their perfection. If anyone has ever learned about Italian art, it will surely go from surprise to surprise to admire a new collection.

They leave the work as more than just an ordinary item. It is a breakthrough solution for both aesthetic and functional, helping people have the most complete living experience!

If you are a big fan of Italian designs, you’ve probably heard of the phrase or stage of the Anti-design Movement from 1966-1980. This is the premise for the perfect interior design later.


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