Those of you who have never played at online casinos are limited to accessing slots, table games and other forms of gambling is to visit a land-based establishment. The possibilities might seem great but are actually limited when it comes to the variety of games and the winning possibilities available, especially when you consider the features and games of online casinos.

To many, online casinos provide the exact same games as land-based establishments, which is the biggest mistake players make. The world of online casinos is completely different to that available at land-based casinos as there are specific developers catering to the online market. Many land-based game developers have made the shift to introduce their games to online casinos, but for the most part, these sites feature developers that only cater to online players.

More Games

One of the greatest advantages of joining an online casino is that a much larger variety of games are available. This isn’t limited to just online slots, but also includes table games, video poker, scratch cards, live dealer games and much more.

Online casinos are able to provide a larger game selection as they aren’t limited by the floor space or the number of machines available. Therefore, some establishments provide well over 2,000 games, each being completely different and unique when it comes to everything from the theme through to bonus features and rewards.

Bigger Jackpots

If a larger game variety doesn’t appeal to you, the bigger progressive jackpot games might just the aspects that catch your attention. Online game developers offer a large variety of progressive jackpot games that are linked with all the casinos offering their software. Therefore, millions of players taking advantage of the game and contribute toward its jackpot winning opportunities.

Not only does this allow the progressive jackpot amount to increase a lot faster, but it also ensures players get to trigger the huge winning regularly. Online progressive jackpot games provide winnings well into the millions and history has shown us that 8-figure rewards are possible as well.

Better Payout Percentages

When we take the overhead costs of a land-based casino into consideration, we can see why the payout percentages of their games are a lot lower than that of an online casino. However, at the end of the day, this is a disadvantage to your opportunities as the house edge is bigger, meaning your odds of winning are a lot lower.

Online casinos manage to provide a much better payout percentage, some as much as 10% better than that of land-based casino games. In fact, some slots have payout rates that exceed the rates of table games, giving you a better chance of winning than those professional players who win huge on table games. Even the progressive jackpot games offer higher payout rates, giving players fair opportunities for the jackpot amount as well as the bonus features and standard winnings in the standard game.


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