With the explosion of Internet, electronic devices as of now, there are countless choices for parents. But why is soroban math with Soroban abacus still the top choice of millions of parents around the world? Even in the leading countries in the world such as Japan, the United States, Math soroban is widely used? Let’s go with me to find the answer in this article!

No parent wants children to be dependent on electronic computers, the Internet or using computers even for the smallest calculations. However, the fact that children today are and are too dependent on calculation tools as well as the Internet.

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We cannot deny the superiority and intelligence of these calculation devices. Because this is a calculation tool that helps children easily handle calculations, just press the number. That is why in many Asian countries has increased the Soroban abacus with soroban Math program is the official subject.

Soroban calculation in soroban Math is an “ancient” calculation tool that has been used for centuries. However, the benefits that Soroban Math brings to children are always highly appreciated by scientists. We all know that Japan is a country known for the world’s leading developed electronics industry and is also a country with the top education in the world.

In Japan, modern electronic devices such as laptops, computers, and Japanese phones are highly appreciated. But not so that they depend too much on these devices but forget about brain training and thinking. Japanese people are always aware of the importance of brain training. Parallel to the strong development of the nation in the future.

toán tư duy, toán soroban, toan tu duy, toan soroban

Therefore, the Japanese have improved and developed the Soroban abacus and the soroban Math program. As a great tool for children to train their brain. Today, most classes in Japan are still teaching soroban Math programs in parallel with modern education programs.

So it may be that the soroban Math program has never been backward. In contrast, math soroban is also a great way to help children develop comprehensively. Thanks to math soroban children have the opportunity to develop comprehensively, learn math and other subjects. Soroban math helps children become more self-aware and more independent. Also help children reduce the pressure of effective learning.


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